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Index Copernicus:  Evaluation Report 2012


The journal Special Education and Rehabilitation switched to electronic editing. Thus, all papers should be sent to an electronic address. All system uses (authors, reviewers, editors and readers) have to be registered at

Electronic editing uses the Cross Check system and all papers submitted in English will automatically be checked for plagiarism or auto-plagiarism.
Full 2012 papers are available at:

The journal “Special Education and Rehabilitation” publishes original scientific papers, review articles, science communications, scientific reviews and debates from all areas of special education and rehabilitation, as well as related fields of science.
The journal also publishes professional translations, reports, reviews, bibliographies, letters to the Editor, and other manuscripts relevant to the field of special education and rehabilitation.
It has been published since 2002. Until 2006 it was published under the tile “Research in Defectology” (ISSN 1452-7367). The journal is issued four times a year.

Category and position of the journal in the last two years

2010. Social Science Journal of National Significance
Medical Science Journal of National Significance
2011. Social Science Leading National Journal
Medical Science Journal of National Significance

Serbian Citation Index
National Library of Serbia

Vol. 10 Issue No. 4

Vol. 10 Issue No. 3

Vol. 10 Issue No. 2

Vol. 10 Issue No.1


Editor in Chief:
Doc. Vesna Vučinić, PhD

The Editorial Board:

Prof. Milica Gligorović, PhD
Prof. Nadica Jovanovic Simić, PhD
Prof. Vesna Žunić Pavlović, PhD
Prof. Svetlana Slavnić, PhD
Prof. Daniela Ilić Stošović, PhD
Slobodanka Antić, MA

International Editorial Board:
Doc. Mira-Arsova Tsvetkova, PhD, University of Sofia "St. Clement Ohridsky", Bulgaria,
Prof. Igor Leonidovich Trunov, PhD, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Russia
Prof. Zora Jačova, PhD, University "St. Cyril and Methodius " Skopje, Macedonia
Prof. Viviana Langher, PhD, University "La Sapienza", Rome, Italy
Prof. Tina Runjić, PhD, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Dr Ingrid Žolgar Jerković, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Prof. Vassilis ARGYROPOULOS, PhD, University of Thessaly, Greece


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